Mathura: Maulana of Shadullah Masjid absconds after raping a woman, other clerics from committee accused of helping him escape

Maulana Rashid of Masjid Shadullah, located in Mohalla Mukerian in Thana Sadar Bazar, has been living in the mosque for the last five years and was teaching children Urdu and Arabic. He is a Moradabad resident. The victim, on the other hand, used to drop her younger sister off at the mosque to study. She used to go to Maulvi Rashid’s room to give tea on occasions, as per reports. That is how she became acquainted with the accused. According to the victim, for a year, Maulana raped the victim with the help of his friend Maulvi Hashim. According to the victim, the Masjid Committee pressurised her to sign the ‘Raazinama,’ and the Maulana was sent away. 

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